Automotive Spray Booth: Do You Need a Mixing Room? Chassis Liner Supply Can Help!

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Do You Need a Mixing Room? Chassis Liner Supply Can Help!

Operating an automotive spray booth can provide a boon for your body shop’s income and generate beautiful results for your customers. One piece of the puzzle which is often overlooked is the paint mixing room. This space provides a safe, clean environment for mixing and storing paint. Processing and handling these coatings can introduce your workers to harmful fumes and may expose your paint to unwanted contaminants. Mixing rooms provide an effective way to improve workplace safety, protect the purity of your coatings, and comply with local and federal safety codes.

Chassis Liner Supply is here to help body shops and finishing shops achieve the right configuration to provide safe, effective, and beautiful services to drivers in need. We manufacture and offer body shop equipment, frame racks, and automotive paint booths to generate ideal improvements for everyone that puts their trust in our products. You can browse our online store to find all of the tools needed to generate a professional outcome!

If you’ve been considering a mixing room to improve the results of your automotive spray booth, then keep reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in a quality platform, and then be sure to learn more about our spray booth equipment!

Mixing Room Essentials

Your automotive spray booth was a big investment, but you want to do more to keep your customers and employees safe. A paint mixing room can provide a range of benefits for your business, ranging from code compliance to quality protection and more.

Code Compliance is Essential

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sets stringent standards for mixing rooms in coordination with body shops and paint booths. This entity provides requirements ranging from area limits (no more than 150 square feet) to ventilation minimums, fire systems, spill containment systems, and more. All mixing rooms should be designed to contain any spills that occur within the room.

Our mixing room from GFS provides all of your requirements for a safe and effective shop addition. This investment features a four-inch spill containment system to catch spills and comes in a convenient 9’ x 9’ x 9’ shape to improve your shop safety without taking up the entire floor. The manufacturer guarantees that their mixing room will meet or exceed all applicable codes and regulations.

Versatile Exhaust Systems

Our prime mixing room features a ½ horsepower motor with an exhaust blower to move dangerous fumes out while pumping fresh air in. Clean air is important for worker safety, and must be kept on a consistent supply to minimize the dangers. If you decide on a mixing room, be sure to check if it includes all of the exhaust components required or if additional construction will be needed. Investing in equipment designed to work “out of the box” will help to make your design and implementation processes easier.

Rely on our mixing room for safe dispersal of fumes. If you have concerns about the air quality in your shop, be sure to research recommendations from environmental professionals for how to best disperse contaminated air without contaminating the incoming clean air. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers several guidelines for the safe configuration of mixing rooms.

Space-Efficient Operations

Some shop owners opt out of a mixing room because of spatial restrictions. Others implement a luxurious mixing room that exceeds NFPA guidelines (like our products). A quality mixing room allows you to input a new piece of equipment in a spot that is already very limited on space. Body shops have found success in installing their mixing rooms outdoors, indoors, and in blocks for maximum effect. You can set up a beneficial configuration for your paint booth and mixing room to begin offering better services to your customers.

Try the Ultra XS Paint Mix Room

Chassis Liner Supply is here to provide quality body shop equipment to businesses in need. When it comes to automotive spray booths, our customers love the addition of a mixing room from GFS®. This booth provides a safe, controlled environment for your paint mixing, pulling harmful fumes out while supplying fresh air for safe operations. No other producer provides the same amount of quality and peace of mind. You can order your mixing room online from us for a fast delivery!

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A new mixing room can help to achieve a range of goals, including code compliance, worker safety, and product protection. Are you ready to see how Chassis Liner Supply can help you? Contact us online now. We look forward to working with you!