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How to Find the Right Automotive Spray Booth

Is your auto paint shop ready to expand? Do you need to replace an older spray booth? While these kinds of questions can lead to a lot of frustration and time spent trying to find the best deals on a new spray booth, the search for a new paint booth doesn’t have to be fruitless. Check out the options that we have available at Chassis Liner Supply, and you will see that a high-quality, affordable auto spray booth is within reach. Contact us today to learn more about our booths, including which options are available on our spray booths, and then place your order.

We have been supplying auto paint shops with some of the best booths and prep stations available for more that 35 years. We build all of our booths ourselves, which allows us to keep prices as low as possible without having to compromise on the quality that we believe in and that you demand. When you need a new spray booth that is built to last, shop with Chassis Liner Supply.

GFS Performer Spray Booths

Our Performer series of spray booths are designed for shops that don’t have tons of extra room but still need a full-sized booth with the latest features. Check out the ES Crossdraft and Performer booths to find the option that has the features your shop needs. With several different airflow choices, as well as strong panels and hardware, you won’t find paint booths anywhere else that are built as well as ours!

Performer spray booths are:

  • Available in 24 or 27 foot lengths.
  • Built with light fixtures with color-corrected tubes for accurate, shadow-free lighting.

Mixing Rooms

Eliminate harmful fumes and keep your mixes free from contamination with a GFS Ultra XS mixing room. With built-in spill containment and built-in exhaust blowers, these mixing rooms will help keep your booth, and the rest of your shop, cleaner, while also helping you to do better work every day.

  • GFS mix rooms can be attached directly to booths for easy access.
  • These mix rooms are available in several configurations, so contact us to learn about your options.

Workstations and Prep Equipment

Make sanding, priming, and even painting, easier when you use one of our GFS Excel workstations! These stations are easy to set up, and comply with the EPA’s 6H Paint Rule. We build each of these stations with the strongest materials available in order to provide you with a usable environment for years to come. Every station ships with color-corrected tubes and full fixtures for a shadow-free area.

Make sure you have all of the painter’s prep stations that you need to make masking and taping fast and easy! We build our stations from strong materials that are designed to last, even in the busiest environments. Built with a top tray and four bars to hold the most common sizes of paper and plastic, these prep stations are easy to roll between different areas in your shop while also being very stable.

Place your order with Chassis Liner Supply today for factory direct prices and unbeatable quality! Whenever your auto paint or body shop is searching for reliable, well-built equipment that can handle your heavy workload, make sure to check out online store. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the most options for shop owners who are looking for a lot of equipment at a low cost.

Reach out to our customer service department if you have questions about our automotive spray booths or anything else that we have for sale. We are always happy to help you find what is best for your business.