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The Long-Term Advantages of Adding a GFS Curing System to Your Paint Booth

Working in a body shop is fun and fulfilling work. It’s one of the few hands-on jobs that produce such a remarkable effect in people’s lives. Through careful maneuvering, you can bring someone’s well-loved vehicle back to life by bending metal, painting, joining sheet metal pieces and restoring the structural integrity of their vehicle. It’s a fulfilling position where you get to work with your hands, focus entirely on the current task, and produce high-quality results for happy customers. However, it’s a job that sometimes features the task of literally watching paint dry. Most cars that come into a body shop instead of a paintless dent repair shop need extensive work done on them, and that work will need to be repainted both to preserve the aesthetic of the vehicle and the integrity of the sheet metal structure, too. If you’re not a fan of watching paint dry, though, there could be a solution that might eliminate this arduous task: the GFS curing system. 

Refining The Infrared System

If you’ve been working in body shops for some time, you’re likely pretty familiar with accelerated drying tools for the paint job on a car. You’re also maybe not that impressed with how well the old ones used to perform, and, to be fair, they hardly shortened the time dry time for the painting portion of the process. In fact, the company responsible for making the highest quality accelerated paint dryers on the market have noted that the old technology wasn’t up to parr before. Now, it is. The original accelerated curing system was based on technologies from the 1940s and implemented in body repair shops sometime in the 80s, and it hasn’t improved much since then. That’s all about to change though as the curing system has been refined and improved remarkably since their original release date. How has it improved? Take a look. 

The Improvement

The old system used a certain method referred to as “gas-powered IR technology.” This technology worked by using the flow of the natural gas coming from the catalytic ceramic plate to force out through tiny holes all over the application wand or handset. When oxygen was added, the natural gas turned into heat and thus start to cure the paint. However, this was a slow process as the heat waves created by this method only permeated through one layer of paint at a time, meaning that each layer would have to be individually cured. 

The new method uses short wave technology, instead. These heat waves are created by sending electricity to a tungsten filament and produces the short wave heat, rather than the medium wave heat of the previously popular method. These short waves more effectively permeate all of the layers of coating at once and can cure everything faster because of it. This method can actually cure up to three coats each round of curing. Because of this, it’s estimated that a proper paint curing system upgrade could increase your shop’s output by around 80 percent because of how much time it’s taking off of the process. That means your technicians can be spending more time on the actual metalwork, rather than curing paint. Additionally, these systems are often far more power-efficient, so your monthly electric bill can be expected to go down with the help of your new purchase. 

Decrease the Detail Work

Because the new systems are so much more effective, they can limit your work in other ways too. For example, because the new short waves effectively and completely cure the primer and filler of the paint, it reduces the need to buff afterward. You won’t ever feel rushed during a paint project again, as the paint curing will be far easier and less detail-orientated once you have successfully applied the paint to the car. 

Invest in a Better Auto Body Paint Booth Today

If you’re looking to increase your productivity, the best way you can start is by investing in a time-saving paint curing system. At Chassis Liner Supply, we provide a wide selection of potential options for our clients that can be customized and toggled to fit their specific needs. Our selection of auto body paint booths is designed to make your processes more efficient and better. Browse our selection now, or reach out to us today to find out more.