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Automotive Spray Booths

Whether you run a dedicated paint shop or a full-service body shop, you know just how important it is to keep your automotive spray booth in good shape. Without a functioning booth, your entire operation can slow to a crawl and your margins will start getting thinner and thinner. If you have been dealing with a booth that seems to need repairs all the time, or you have begun to take on so much business that you need to add another booth, Chassis Liner Supply can help you.

In addition to a wide range of paint shop supplies, we also build and sell full paint booths and mixing rooms. By manufacturing these booths in our own factory, we are able to pass our savings on to you. This means that not only will a new automotive spray booth cost you less than it would from another company, it also means that you will receive a booth that is of a much higher quality than you may have expected. Shop with us today for the best price on a spray booth that will help your shop run efficiently.

Update Your Prep Area and Tools for Better, More Efficient Work

Your prep area is probably the most important section of your shop after the spray booth. Most jobs are made or broken in the prep area, which is why it needs to be running as smoothly as possible at all times. An effective and efficient prep area is made up of two equally important factors: your employees and your paint booth equipment. A great employee will be able to make less-than-perfect equipment work, but it can still slow them down. Read on to learn about a few suggestions we can offer here at Chassis Liner Supply about how to make your paint shop run better with the help of our paint shop supplies in the prep area!

Make Prep Easier With the Right Equipment

Prepping is hard work. Not only is it time-consuming and tedious, it is also the first step in getting your customer’s vehicle back on the road, which means that it has to be done correctly and it has to be done before any further work can take place. If your preppers are working with equipment that isn’t able to keep up with their rapid pace, you are losing money and your painters might be standing around waiting. To maximize productivity, equip your preppers with the gear they need, including prep stations, work stations, mobile maskers, and rollers.

Paint Shop Workstations

A good workstation is an invaluable addition to your paint shop. Without a dedicated area for sanding and priming, you run the risk of contaminating other parts of your shop, which could have costly consequences. The GFS Workstation is an incredibly flexible option that allows you to keep the messy work of sanding, priming, and even some smaller paint jobs away from other parts of your shop. Thanks to our special design, you can support this booth with steel supports, or hang it from your ceiling. A shadow-free lighting system allows your preppers to work fast, and because we manufacture these stations ourselves, we can build one specifically for your shop by meeting your length, width, and height requirements.

Paint Prep Stations

Our prep stations are simple: they are built from extra-tough materials and they have all of the features you need and no features that you don’t need. The top bar fits a 36” long plastic roll, the middle two bars hold up to four rolls of 18” paper, and the bottom bar has space for a single roll of 36” paper. On top, the 46×22” tray allows you to store all of your paint prep supplies and tools so they’re easy to reach when you need them. The casters allow you to easily move the prep station around the vehicle or around the shop. These are built to last, because we understand how much they get used.

Mobile Maskers

If you need even more roll options than our prep stations provides, our Mobile Masker has space for four rolls and features large wheels that make moving it around your body shop as easy as possible. Features bars that can fit a one- to six-inch roll, a two- to twelve-inch roll, and one- to eighteen-inch rolls. We designed and built this masker to be as stable as possible.

Rollers and Folding Benches

There are some parts of a vehicle that are just too big, too heavy, and too awkward to try to move on their own. This is where our rollers come in. Our Truck Bed Roller can hold up to 1,000 pounds and the extra-strong caster wheels make moving it a breeze. When you’re done using it, simply fold it up and tuck it away. Our Folding Bench is an affordable way to work on doors, bumpers, and panels. It also folds up when you’re finished using it, so you can keep your prep areas free of clutter.

Shop with Chassis Liner Supply today for great prices on automotive spray booths and paint shop supplies and equipment!

Advice For Expanding Your Paint Shop

When you operate a body shop, you know how quickly high-quality work will pay dividends. Word gets around fast, and when you make your customers happy, they will share your information with everyone they know. Whether you’ve been operating for many years, or you’ve had a recent jump in your business, when it’s time to expand your operation, it can be hard to know where to start. Luckily, you’ve got Chassis Liner Supply on your side. In addition to offering the absolute best automotive paint booths on the market, we’re also your source for helpful advice that can help your business grow and reach its full potential.

In this section, we have a few tips that can help you expand your paint shop in a way that increases productivity, keeps costs down, and creates a safer environment for your employees. While these tips might not be right for every shop, just beginning to think about the way that your shop operates will help you identify and fix problem areas that are wasting resources or causing a slowdown in workflow.

Think Small, Until You Need to Think Big

A small uptick in business over a month is generally not a good reason to run out and buy a new automotive spray booth, but a steady upward trend over a number of months or a year can be a good indicator that you might need to start planning for what is next. These beginning stages will be filled with a thorough examination of your resources, both financial and human.

Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do my employees have enough work to keep them busy?
    • Conversely, are my employees overloaded with work?
  • Is there a spot in the production line where our operations are getting bogged down?
    • If so, is it because there aren’t enough workers to keep up with the work, or is it because they don’t have the equipment they need to do their job efficiently
  • Is the increase in business allowing us to save more money?
    • If not, where is that extra money going?
      • Are there inefficiencies causing waste somewhere in the system that can be eliminated?
    • If so, would a new employee help us earn money or would a new piece of equipment (like a new automotive spray booth) allow current employees to do more work more efficiently?
  • Is there any equipment nearing the end of its depreciation schedule?
    • If so, does it need to be replaced as soon as possible, or is it possible to divert those resources to other items?

As you can see, these are not easy questions to answer. It will take time to gather all of the data you need to make a decision, and it shouldn’t be something you rush into. However, during the period of time in which you are speaking to your employees about their workload and their equipment, if you happen to notice that most, or all, of them say that they need the same things, it is probably a good idea to consider purchasing that equipment first.

Generally speaking, it is always a good idea to think small until you can’t help but think big. If you have addressed all of your smaller needs and your employees are ready and able to take on more work, then start considering bigger expansions.

Examine Movement Inside Your Shop

When you have decided that it is time to expand your body shop, spend some time examining how work moves throughout your building. You may be surprised at how strangely the work is spread out when you take a few days to track it. This is very common in a lot of shops. Over time, as employees come in and out of the shop, they will change things bit by bit to suit their personal preferences and to make things more efficient. Coupled with individuals making their own changes, as your shop accumulates new equipment and takes on different kinds of work, any free space is quickly absorbed by new equipment. When you combine the changes made by people and the changes necessitated by doing business, you can end up with a shop that might seem to run backwards (or at least in a zig-zag pattern).

Observing your shop’s operations without making justifications or excuses for any inefficient processes can help you determine the best places to make changes. If you have to, pretend that you are visiting a shop you’ve never been to before and you are responsible for helping them become more efficient. Once you have a fresh eye, a lot of things will probably jump out at you. Take a lot of notes, draw diagrams, or do whatever you need to do to remember where the problems were.

However, remember to not jump into making changes too soon. Take a few days or weeks in between observations to see if your paint shop is really in need of a full rearrangement, or if the first observation was just an off day.

Changing the Layout of Your Shop

If, after you have observed the way work moves in and out of your shop, you see that there are ways to improve the layout of your space, but you aren’t sure where to start, try thinking about a few of these ideas.

Using a Circular Layout

A circular layout is a layout where the work follows what is essentially a circle inside your shop. Upon entering, the vehicle is cleaned, prepped, painted, finished, and then leaves. All of the separate work that needs to be done follows a single path in, around, and out. There are a few great advantages to this system. First, it makes it easy to identify what stage of work a vehicle is at based on its location, and it allows you to see where slowdowns are occuring. Second, it allows you to keep paint shop equipment and supplies in the area where the work is being performed. It doesn’t make sense to have all of your prep supplies on the opposite end of the shop from where the prep work is being done, just like it doesn’t make sense to have your mix room anywhere except for right next to your automotive paint booth.

This system isn’t always perfect, though. If you have a lot of jobs that need to be prepped, your prep area can get backed up or overflow into other parts of your shop. The same is true of your booth: if there is a job curing, it can slow things down. Luckily, we can help with that: check out our accelerated curing systems!

To help you handle times where certain sections of your shop are backed up, try leaving some extra space between stations. Having a flexible area that can work as any of a number of different stations is also an effective way of handling overflow work at each step.

A Straight Layout

A straight layout is fairly simple — if your shop has entrances on both sides of your building, try to set up your stations along that line. An easy comparison is to a car wash — a vehicle enters from one side and comes out with a new paint job on the other! Designate one door as the entryway, and have your cleaning and prep stations set up near the entry door. Further along, place your mix station and your automotive spray booth. The area around the exit door is for finishing touches. This style of layout is great if your shop is in a building that is longer than it is wide.

There are many other ways to change the layout of your shop, or maybe the way that things are is perfect for the way your team works. Whatever the case, it never hurts to look at what your options are to see if there is a way to make things more efficiently.

Shop with Chassis Liner Supply for great prices on high-quality paint shop supplies and equipment, or contact us if you want to know how our equipment can help your shop.

The Equipment and Accessories Every Paint Shop Needs

An eye for color and a pervasive attention to detail are two of the most important factors in running any auto paint shop. Whether you are in charge of overseeing the paint crew at a dealership or you run a custom shop of your own, you need the best equipment in order to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations while also completing work at a profitable rate.

Shop with Chassis Liner Supply today for a great range of automotive spray booths, workstations, mixing rooms, and curing systems that will make your shop the only place people want to bring their vehicles. The paint booths and supplies that we sell are designed for shops that are already up and running as well as new shops that need cost-effective equipment that delivers the best results on a budget. Shop from our online store today or give us a call to speak with one of our expert staff. We are always here to help you make the right choices for great paint and body shop equipment.

Paint Booths and Workstations

An automotive paint booth is absolutely essential to being able to perform high-quality work. At Chassis Liner Supply, we have several different spray booths that are sure to be perfect for your shop. Whether you need an additional booth or you are looking for an affordable first booth, we can help.

Our paint booths offer all of the features you need in order to create top-quality work without breaking the bank and our workstations allow you to contain prep work to a separate area without fear of contaminating the booth. In a pinch, workstations can be used for faster, smaller paint work. Don’t forget about our other paint shop accessories, including mobile prep stations, masking stations, benches for fenders and bumpers, as well as our truck bed rollers.

Mixing Rooms

Prevent contamination and remove harmful fumes from your work area by purchasing a new paint mixing room from Chassis Liner Supply. GFS Ultra XS Mixing Rooms can be configured to maximize the space and to keep your existing workflow intact.

Connect a mixing room to a new or existing automotive spray booth for even greater control over your work environment. If you have been working without a separate mixing room, you will be amazed at how much easier your work becomes once you have separated the two. Order your GFS mixing room from Chassis Liner Supply today!

Curing Systems

Need to rush a job? Order a REVO Accelerated Curing System to speed up repairs and paint work! Using special infrared technology, these curing systems can cure paint and filler materials at a rate you almost won’t believe! These systems are extremely easy to use and are small enough to keep in the corner of a booth.

Shop with Chassis Liner Supply for all of the body shop equipment, auto spray booths, frame racks, and other tools and machinery to keep your shop running efficiently. We are proud to offer the best products at the lowest prices available anywhere.