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ATLAS, TC289LH Left Arm Tire Changer

ATLAS, TC289LH Left Arm Tire Changer

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The powerful adjustable bead breaker located on the side of the tire changer is designed to break even the most stubborn and rusted beads without damage to the rim. The bead breaker can be adjusted out to over 18 inches from the tire changer The revolutionary bead blaster design provides an enormous amount of air pressure and volume (blasting air through the air holes positioned near the movable turntable jaws) to seat the beads on most stiff sidewall tires. This tremendous volume of air forces both tire sidewalls to press solidly against the wheel so that the tire will “hold air”. The Atlas TC289LH is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified plant that produces tire changing equipment for export to 65 countries. Atlas is the brand name associated with high quality and great prices. Features:
  • 1 - Year Limited Warranty
  • Jaw clamp & head protectors
  • Powerful bead blaster technoolgy
  • CE Certifified
  • Manufacured in an ISO9001 certified factory