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Heavy Duty Electric Winch w/ Bracket

Heavy Duty Electric Winch w/ Bracket

Part #: 05-784166

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The winch has a 10 foot, 3-wire grounded power cord. Power in, power out, controlled freewheeling clutch, and automatic brake. Comes with 50 ft of 7/32" aircraft cable, pulley block, and snap hook to achieve a 4000 lb capacity when double-lined. Emergency crank handle also included in case of power loss. The cable is totally enclosed inside the cover for safe operation and protects the components. Some of the unique features include: *Clutch release - User can pay out load in neutral and still control it with clutch mechanism. *Spur gear system vs. planetary gears. A planetary gear system generates more heat, and draws more amps from the power source. The spur gear system is much more efficient, it gives off less heat and draws fewer amps. NOTE: THIS WINCH IS BUILT FOR HORIZONTAL PULLING.

Product Weight: 55 lbs.