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"Scratch & Dent" ATLAS, WB21 Wheel Balancer

"Scratch & Dent" ATLAS, WB21 Wheel Balancer

Part #: UP2011-003

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The distance guage rod for the automatic data entry is also used to determine the placement of wheel weights when used with the "split-weight" feature of the WB-21. This is a great feature for custom rims with decorative spokes, where the wheel weights do not want to be "seen" on. The only place to "hide" the stick-on weights is behind the spokes of the wheel. The "split-weight" feature allows the operator to "split" the correct amount of weight and "hide" these weights behind the spokes. The distance guage rod is used to pinpoint the placement of the weights. The WB21 has an automatic data entry which ONLY requires the operator to enter the wheel width data. The other two parameters are entered automatically when the distance gauge (located near the balancer's mounting shaft) is extended to contact the inside of the mounted wheel. Features:
  • 1 - Year Limited Warranty
  • Automatic data entry
  • Automatic positioning where to apply weights
  • Auto Activated Hood Start/Stop
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes
  • Self-calibration Display in grams or ounces, in mm or inches
  • CE Certified