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Choosing the Best Paint Shop Equipment

A good workstation is an invaluable addition to your paint shop. Without a dedicated area for sanding and priming, you run the risk of contaminating other parts of your shop, which could have costly consequences. It is an incredibly flexible option that allows you to keep the messy work of sanding, priming, and even some smaller paint jobs away from other parts of your shop. Thanks to our special design, you can support this booth with steel supports, or hang it from your ceiling. A shadow-free lighting system allows your preppers to work fast, and because we manufacture these stations ourselves, we can build one specifically for your shop by meeting your length, width, and height requirements.

Prep Stations

Our prep stations are simple: they are built from extra-tough materials and they have all of the features you need and no features that you don’t need. The top bar fits a 36” long plastic roll, the middle two bars hold up to four rolls of 18” paper, and the bottom bar has space for a single roll of 36” paper. On top, the 46×22” tray allows you to store all of your paint prep supplies and tools so they’re easy to reach when you need them. The casters allow you to easily move the prep station around the vehicle or around the shop. These are built to last, because we understand how much they get used.

Mobile Maskers

If you need even more roll options than our prep stations provides, our Mobile Masker has space for four rolls and features large wheels that make moving it around your body shop as easy as possible. Features bars that can fit a one- to six-inch roll, a two- to twelve-inch roll, and one- to eighteen-inch rolls. We designed and built this masker to be as stable as possible.

Equipment fails. There is no way around this cold, hard fact. Old equipment tends to fail more often, which can mean that you and your team spend a lot of time fixing your body shop equipment instead of working. Even an hour of downtime can ruin your margins for the day, and can remove any wiggle room you had for the entire week. When you purchase new tools and equipment, your business will spend more time working and less time making repairs on your equipment.

We understand that the investment in a new tool means that you have certain expectations — that your new body shop equipment will be able to withstand a heavy workload and that it should make your work easier and faster. At Chassis Liner Supply, we take the time needed to ensure that every component of each piece of body shop equipment that we manufacture is built to last. We rigorously test everything that we make so that we can stand behind it, knowing that it will work when you most need it to.

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