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Tire Shop Equipment

Running a tire shop is all about efficiency and safety. Without the right tire shop equipment, your business will suffer from reduced productivity and a loss of profits. However, the cost of new equipment can sometimes be too high to make a change worth it. Luckily, at Chassis Liner Supply, we have the equipment your tire shop needs to stay ahead of the game while keeping costs low.

How do we manage to offer such great prices on our equipment? It’s simple: because we build the equipment we sell, we can keep the prices lower than other companies who have to pay someone else to build, ship, and sell their equipment for them. When we build a piece of equipment, we pass the savings on to you.

When you shop with Chassis Liner Supply, you will always receive equipment that is fairly priced and built to withstand the rigors of use in a busy, modern shop. We don’t cut corners because we know that you don’t cut corners. Instead, we are dedicated to providing all of our customers with tire shop equipment that will stand the test of time by being useful and efficient for years to come. Shop with us today and see the difference that our machines can make in your shop.

Replace Your Tire Shop Equipment and Get Jobs Done Faster

We know that finding the money to replace the equipment in your tire shop can be difficult, especially if you have equipment that still works (even if it doesn’t work as well as it should or as well as it used to). While you might have thought about new equipment as an expense that you just can’t afford, there are several ways to look at it that may help you realize that not only can you afford it, you might be losing money by continuing to use slow, unreliable equipment.

Save Money by Writing Off or Depreciating New Tire Shop Equipment

One of the best choices you can make when buying new equipment is to either write it off as a business expense or depreciate it. While the end results are similar, each method has distinct advantages and disadvantages that you will want to discuss with your accountant. The upshot is that write-offs and depreciation schedules can help you pay for new equipment now or in the future.

With New Equipment, You Can Take on More Work

In addition to being more safe, new equipment almost always works faster than your old equipment. While you have probably gotten used to making the most out of what you have, new machinery will speed up a process that you have already mastered. The less time each job takes you, the more time you will have for more jobs. You make more money on each flat-rate job, your employees are able to get more jobs done, and you keep your customers happier; it’s a win-win situation!

Keep reading for more tips on how tire shop equipment from Chassis Liner Supply can help your business or give us a call to place an order or to ask us any questions you might have about any of our products. Our customer service department is always ready to help you. Each one of our reps understands the way that our equipment works and can assist you when you are trying to decide what is right for your company.

In addition to our top-of-the-line equipment for tire shops (balancers, tire changers, motorcycle adapters, and replacement parts), we also have a wide variety of other equipment for your body shop. From frame racks and body shop equipment to GFS paint booths and welders, we have what your shop needs!

Reasons to Choose Tire Shop Equipment From Chassis Liner Supply

  • Affordability
  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Great customer service and support

Trust Chassis Liner Supply to deliver the best wheel and tire shop equipment available. Our decades in the industry have proven that we build tools and equipment that will last.

Advice for Increasing Business at Your Tire Shop

As a shop owner, it can be difficult to balance all of the work you are responsible for. In addition to running the front end, you also have to keep your employees happy, make sure that all of your bills are paid on time, worry about increasing business, and ensuring that everyone has the tools and machinery they need to be able to do their job efficiently and in a safe manner.

At Chassis Liner Supply, we manufacture and sell tire changers and balancers, as well as other necessary tools for your tire shop. In addition to offering the best equipment at unbeatable prices, we also like to provide our clients with some extra advice that will help them grow their business. Read on for a few tips that can bring more customers into your shop!

When you need new tire shop equipment to be able to keep up with heavier workloads or you need to replace outdated equipment, be sure to browse our selection. Because we manufacture our equipment, we are able to keep the quality of the materials higher than other companies while keeping costs down. You will find many premium features on our standard equipment that other manufacturers would charge you extra for. If you have questions about anything that we make, please give our customer service department a call. Each of our customer service reps has a deep knowledge of our products and will be able to answer questions and even make suggestions about what you might need.

Offer Special Prices for New and Returning Customers

One of the simplest ways to get more people to come in to your shop is to offer special prices for new and returning customers. We will discuss some ways to let new customers know about your prices in the next section, but here are a few ways of letting your returning customers know that you are offering special prices for a limited time.

Use Your Email List

Hopefully you’ve been collecting email addresses from your customers. An email database makes it very easy to send out information about sales and specials at a surprisingly low cost. There are many services online that will help you manage your list as well as design and send scheduled emails.
It is a good idea to limit the emails you send. For a tire shop, one or two emails per month is probably plenty, except around the beginning of summer and winter, when more frequent emails can be a great reminder to come in and pick up a new set of winter tires before the roads get bad.

Market Your Tire Shop

Marketing is always going to be one of the most difficult parts of opening and maintaining any kind of business. From the costs associated with traditional marketing (TV, radio, print) to the hyper-specialized nature of online advertising, marketing is not a simple process anymore. Below, you’ll find a few options to help your tire shop attract new customers and remind your existing customers about what makes your business so great.

Traditional Marketing

Depending on the area your shop is located in, traditional marketing might be the best option or the worst. While a big city might seem like the perfect place to try to get some ads on a local radio or TV station, there are many other businesses all competing for the same space. This means that radio and TV can charge more. Even if there are ten times the number of radio stations and TV channels in a big city as there are in a smaller area, the much larger volume of other businesses, as well as the much greater size of a potential market, means that rates will almost always be higher.

Smaller markets might not necessarily have lower prices than larger markets. Being the only game in town means that they can command a higher dollar for their very limited space. Radio and TV advertising in smaller towns and rural areas might be your best bet, but one of the major downsides to this kind of marketing is that there is almost no way to quantify whether or not it is actually working. Some people will certainly tell you that they saw your ad or heard it while they were driving around, but the majority probably won’t. This inability to correlate the costs with the benefits is both short- and long-term. While you may see some growth right away, it may take you several months to see if it has lead to a steady, sustained growth or if the increase only worked at the beginning of the campaign.

Sponsoring Events

Another traditional marketing effort that can pay huge dividends is sponsoring an event that people are already planning on attending. Whether this is a sporting event or a car show, a sponsorship means getting your name on promotional materials and it shows people that you share the same interests as they do. Again, it can be difficult to quantify the success of a sponsorship, but if you see a steady tick upwards in your business or you notice that you are seeing more hot rod owners after you sponsored a hot rod show, it could be that sponsoring the event payed off.

Online Marketing

The other side of the mass marketing coin is online marketing. Where radio and TV are burdened with a lack of data, online marketing has a staggering glut of data. Thanks to modern search engines and social media, it is possible to track nearly every facet of a consumer’s behavior and target them based on incredibly specific criteria. While this may sound like a blessing, it can also be incredibly difficult to navigate if you don’t have a lot of experience. It also suffers from some of the same pitfalls of radio and TV — because you are trying to reach a target market of “people who drive,” it may not be feasible to try to attract every kind of person who drives. Instead, more generalized methods will probably yield more, and better, results.

Hiring a digital marketing company or spending some time familiarizing yourself with the most popular digital platforms (Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) will allow you to corner a larger segment of the market than you might have thought possible. A marketing firm or a dedicated marketing person in your company can help you tailor campaigns that aim to increase business during slow months or to capitalize on seasonal changes when people are most likely to need new tires and wheels.

A New or Updated Location

While this is probably the least common way to drive more business to your tire shop, it shouldn’t be overlooked. If you have expanded to a larger or second (or third) location, advertising the opening can help get people in the door, especially if you turn the occasion into something special. If you are opening a new shop, invite some customers who have exciting and high-end cars to the event for a car show. Show them your gratitude by offering them a special discount on their next set of tires or tire service. Raffle off prizes that people will actually want, provide some food and beverages, invite a local radio station to cover the event and play some music. Even if you have only updated your location with new paint, signage, and some extra wheel balancers and tire changers, letting people see that you are rededicating your time and resources will instill faith in your business in the eyes of customers.

Increase Your Knowledge Base

Keeping your tire shop on the cutting edge is never an easy task. With new systems being added to cars each and every year, staying on top of every new development can be difficult but also very important. Being able to explain and work on these new systems, including TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems), will help customers relax and trust you with their new vehicles. The tire shop equipment that we build at Chassis Liner Supply will help you perform all of the work you need to get done on both older and newer vehicles.

The Tire Shop Equipment and Accessories Your Shop Needs

If you run a wheel and tire shop, you know how vital it is to have the right equipment. Tire changers and balancers, as well as adapters for different kinds of vehicles, are the lynchpin of any tire store. Without the right equipment, or without reliable equipment, your work can quickly grind to a halt. Keep your customers happy by choosing only the finest wheel balancers and tire changers. In addition to making sure that your customers will drive away excited about the great work you did, the right tire shop equipment will end up making your business more money in the long run by reducing the amount of time each job takes.

Order a new balancer, tire changer machine, and other tire shop tools and equipment from Chassis Liner Supply today. We are proud to offer a great selection of machinery and tools at lower prices than other suppliers and we know that you will appreciate the individualized service and customer care that you receive when you buy your equipment from us. Read on to learn about the equipment your tire and wheel shop should have to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Wheel Balancers

Wheel balancers make it possible for your customers to enjoy a safer, more comfortable ride by helping you pinpoint and correct problems with a tire’s uniformity as well as mounting errors and issues with radial force. By spinning the wheel and tire, these balancers take several types of internal and external forces into account to determine if the tire and wheel is safe to drive on and how to correct smaller imbalances by attaching weights to the wheel.

At Chassis Liner Supply, our wheel balancers allow you to quickly and accurately correct these problems for your customers thanks to a computerized system that allows you to enter information about tire and wheel sizes. Our wheel balancers will pinpoint any imbalances so you can correct them.

Tire Changers

Quickly remove old tires and install new ones on your customer’s wheels with the Atlas tire changers that we offer for sale at Chassis Liner Supply. These machines have all of the features that you want without the huge price tag that usually comes with them. An easy-to-use, and well-functioning tire changer can help any shop improve workflow and increase the number of jobs completed per hour. Order a tire changer today to start making more money.


Maximize the work your tire shop can do with adapters for wheel balancers and tire machines. At Chassis Liner Supply, we have adapters that make it easy for you and your technicians to change motorcycle and ATV tires as well as balancing them.

Our tire changers and wheel balancers are designed to work with almost every tire and wheel that is used on passenger vehicles. Browse our online store now, place an order, or contact us today if you have any questions about our tire shop equipment. We are always happy to help you find the equipment you need.

Shop with Chassis Liner Supply today to find all of the wheel balancers, tire changers, and other tire shop equipment that your business needs to stay competitive and to keep winning the approval of your customers. If you have questions about our products, please get in touch with us. We would love to help you plan an expansion or reoutift your shop with the latest and greatest machinery available. We have been providing excellent equipment at factory-direct prices for more than 35 years, and we would love to help your shop.