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Body Shop Equipment

After your employees, your body shop equipment is the lifeblood of your body shop. Without it, your work either couldn’t be finished or it would take so long to complete that you would actually lose money. The downside of specialized equipment like this is that the costs can sometimes seem prohibitively high.

Luckily, Chassis Liner Supply is here to help. Not only do we make some of the most reliable equipment on the planet, our prices are generally better than most of our competitors. How is this possible? The most important factor that allows us to supply you with this high-end equipment at a better price is that we own our own factories. This means that you don’t have to pay the markup from a middleman. This also means that you get products that are built better because we reinvest so much back into our manufacturing processes. What other companies charge extra for, are standard on much of our equipment.

On this page, you will find information about many of our products, as well as some helpful hints and tips about how to maximize your investments in body shop equipment. If you have questions, please contact us today. Our customer service experts are standing by to help you with whatever you may need.

Chassis Liner Supply has been building equipment for paint and body shops for more than 35 years. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our customers have the best equipment possible by strictly controlling the quality of our designs and our manufacturing processes. When you buy equipment from us, you can count on it to work.

New Body Shop Equipment Can Make You More Money

The axiom “you need to spend money to make money” is sometimes true. If you don’t have the tools and equipment that will allow you to complete work in the same or less time than your competitors, you will very quickly watch your business dry up. Of course, the best equipment in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the skills needed to operate it, but if you have been putting off purchasing a new piece of equipment for your body shop, we’re here to show you how making an investment in your business can actually help you earn more money more quickly than you may have thought you could.

Take on More Work

Buying a new piece of equipment (an Auto Body Rotisserie, for example) can allow you to take on more jobs at one time. If your prep area is almost always filled with a project that is being prepped for painting or pulling, but you have an extra bay that is seldom used, a rotisserie would allow you to perform prep work on another frame. Having that extra equipment will prevent there from being any unnecessary lag between projects, which means that you and your workers won’t have to sit around and wait for work to be ready.

Even something as affordable as an extra engine hoist can cut precious hours off the time needed to complete a project. We all know just how vital several hours can be when it comes to working with insurance company quotes. Another hoist would allow your team to have another frame ready to go, which means that you won’t have to watch your money float away while your team waits.

Reduce the Time it Takes to Complete a Job

If you have gotten used to completing your work with tools and equipment that don’t work as well as they should or are obsolete, you probably don’t realize that you are potentially losing out on a lot of money. New equipment that is designed by engineers who understand the work will help you get through your jobs more quickly. Because most of the work that is completed at body shops is done on a flat rate, it makes total sense to try to complete each job as quickly as possible.

The body shop equipment that we design and manufacture at Chassis Liner Supply will help you maximize each minute of your time. Even saving five minutes per job will quickly add up. For example, if you can complete ten jobs in a day, that is 50 minutes per day you have saved. That extra hour will allow you to start, or maybe even complete, another job. Not only will this help keep money moving into your shop, your employees will love the extra money on their paycheck!

Experience Less Downtime

Equipment fails. There is no way around this cold, hard fact. Old equipment tends to fail more often, which can mean that you and your team spend a lot of time fixing your body shop equipment instead of working. Even an hour of downtime can ruin your margins for the day, and can remove any wiggle room you had for the entire week. When you purchase new tools and equipment, your business will spend more time working and less time making repairs on your equipment.

We understand that the investment in a new tool means that you have certain expectations — that it will be able to withstand a heavy workload and that it should make your work easier and faster. At Chassis Liner Supply, we take the time needed to ensure that every component of each piece of body shop equipment that we manufacture is built to last. We rigorously test everything that we make so that we can stand behind it, knowing that it will work when you most need it to.

Browse our online store to find what you need, or contact our customer service experts if you have questions about any of our products. Our staff is ready to help you find all of the body repair tools and equipment that will help your shop reach peak efficiency.

Signs That Mean You Need New Body Shop Equipment

Running your body shop means keeping on top of many moving parts at one time. From scheduling to ordering and everything in between, you are responsible for making sure that all of the work gets done the right way in the correct amount of time. If there seems to be a slowdown somewhere in your shop, it can be a frustrating experience that may end up costing the shop money. If you have looked at the situation and realized that it isn’t because of any factors like overly difficult jobs or a personnel issue, there’s really only one possible cause of a slowdown: your equipment.

Body shop equipment is like anything else: it will eventually lose its effectiveness and become less efficient. Luckily, most equipment that we use in a body shop is built to last a long time, which is actually one of the reasons that it can be so hard to tell if you need to replace a machine. Read on to learn about a few of the signs that you might notice when it is time to find new body shop equipment. If you know of a few pieces of equipment that you need to update, check out our online store today. In addition to car dollies, air jack kits, and engine hoists, we also carry all of the clamps, chains, and hooks that you need to complete any job! Our customer service team is here to answer any questions you might have about anything that we make, so get in touch if you need help finding that perfect piece of body shop equipment.

You Spend a Lot of Time Repairing Your Equipment

If it seems like your equipment is constantly in need of repairs or it requires nearly constant stop-gap measures to keep working, that might be a sign that it’s time to purchase a new piece of body shop equipment. While you and your techs might have grown accustomed to these repairs and temporary procedures, you might not realize how much time they are eating up, and how much money you may be losing because of inefficient practices.

There Are Safety Concerns

Nothing will shut a shop down faster than an injury or damage to the building. While modern technology and manufacturing has made catastrophic failures less likely, a body shop can be a dangerous place. Replacing clamps and chains before they fail is a great idea, and the same goes for any larger machines that could hurt someone or cause damage to the building or other equipment.

At Chassis Liner Supply, we sell everything your shop needs to be productive, efficient, and safe. Whether your shop simply needs some extra chains or a new air jack, we can help. Because we manufacture our equipment, we take the time to design and build them in a way that creates reliable and affordable equipment. Browse our store today to find the equipment and accessories you need for your body shop!

Advice for Expanding Your Body Shop

When you do great body work, your business will grow. Thanks to recommendations from your current clients, as well as the trust you can earn by performing excellent work for insurance companies, you might notice that you have too much work for the way your shop is set up. While this is a good problem to have, if you let it continue for too long, you may start to notice that you aren’t making as much money as you could be and that your employees aren’t working at the top of their efficiency. Today, we will offer a few tips to help you think about the way that your shop is set up to make it more efficient.

One of the easiest ways to make your body shop more efficient is to replace any old or broken down equipment with new machinery and tools. New body shop equipment will be better able to keep up with your techs and your workload. If you have questions about how the equipment that we make and sell at Chassis Liner Supply can optimize your workflow, please get in touch with us. We would love to discuss your shop and show you why buying factory direct from Chassis Liner Supply is such a great idea.

Keep Similar Stations Close Together

While you probably opened your shop with a great setup that helped you keep the workflow and stations in order (prep, paint, curing), as your business grew over time, it may have lost some of that original flow so that you could make room for new equipment or to accommodate an extra tech or two. This isn’t always a problem, but it could be an area for improving your efficiency, especially if you are expanding your shop. We discuss the examining the movement within your shop in-depth on another page, but we will cover a few of the basic concepts here, too.

A Round Layout

A round layout allows you to make use of every section of your body shop by creating a circle where work comes in and leaves at the same point (though the circle could easily and feasibly be broken if you have another door). A round layout works best when you place your stations in the order in which most work is done. Start with an examination and prep area, then move on to an area where dent pulling and other repairs that don’t require sanding or painting take place. Next could be an area for paint prep followed by your paint booth which is then followed by a finishing/curing area. This type of layout makes it easy for everyone in the shop to see what step a job is on, even if you haven’t been out in the shop for several hours. This is especially helpful for front-end staff, managers, and foremen who might have work that keeps them out of the shop for a good part of the day but who need to be able to answer customer questions about their vehicles.

A Straight Shot Layout

The principle behind this layout is essentially the same as a round layout (keep stations in order, make it easy to see where in the production line a job is) but is perfect for shops that have doors on each end of the building. If you have the room, it is possible to create two full layouts (one heading in each direction).

Stayed tuned to this page as we offer more tips for increasing the efficiency of your body shop through reorganization and through the purchase of new body shop equipment from Chassis Liner Supply. Contact us today to learn more about our equipment and what makes our factory direct service and selection better than our competitors.