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Get the Body Shop Equipment You Need

When you run an auto body repair shop, you know how vital it is to have all of your equipment working all the time. If you have a booth or rack out of commission, you’re losing money. With today’s thin margins, you can’t afford to have equipment that takes money out of your pockets, either through costly repairs or expensive downtime. There is a solution. Chassis Liner Supply has been one of the world’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of body shop equipment for several decades. When you buy from us, you’re purchasing equipment that was designed by engineers and mechanics who know what you need to keep your shop running, and who are proud to build machinery that is so useful to so many.

Auto Paint Supplies and Paint Booths

Whether you need a new paint booth or you just need some new prep equipment, we can take care of you. Everything we sell is built to make your life easier by providing you with solutions that meet and exceed your needs. If your shop is growing, adding a new paint booth can help you stay on top of your current workload while also being able to take on more jobs. From curing lights to vinyl curtains, Chassis Liner Supply is stocked to help you.

Frame Equipment

One of the most important pieces of equipment in any body shop is the frame rack. We make racks that will work with vehicles of all sizes, so no matter what you specialize in, we have the equipment to make the repairs you need to do possible. Best of all, our equipment is incredibly strong, long-lasting, and much more affordable than many of our competitors.

Wheel and Tire Equipment

Adding a tire changer or wheel balancing station is a great way for any auto body repair shop to offer extra value for your customers. We’ve sold many of our machines to repair shops who want to offer a full-service shop for their customers. Like all of our machines, our wheel balancers and tire changers are simple and safe to operate and can withstand heavy use in your shop.

Air Compressors

Many tools in your shop require compressed air to run, so you need to have an air compressor that can handle the workload. At Chassis Liner Supply, we carry a wide range of air compressors of different sizes, so you’ll be sure to find one that works perfectly for your business. Our low-RPM compressors are quiet and designed to last.

At Chassis Liner Supply, we have been helping auto repair and auto body repair shops for decades. Our machinery and accessories have allowed countless shops to stay ahead of their competition with well-made and reliable equipment that is easy to use. Shop with us today to find out what makes our body shop equipment the go-to standard for so many shops. Contact us today if you have questions about anything we sell or if you need information about any of our custom-built machinery.