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How Can New Welders and Supplies Enhance Your Body Shop?

If you’re considering acquiring new welding equipment and supplies, it can be challenging trying to find the spare capital to make the investment. Many body shops across the United States rely on outdated, aging equipment to get the job done, often resulting in subpar outcomes. Vehicle repairs may be the bread and butter of your business, which is why it is important to rely on quality tools to deliver a quality outcome.

Chassis Liner Supply offers a range of Chief welders to address every professional need. From precision plasma cutters to Mig/Mag welders, and spot weld equipment, we’re confident that we can build the right fit for your business. Our body shop equipment is not one-size-fits-all, meaning our professionals will be happy to help you succeed with future welding needs.

Keep reading to learn why you should consider a new welder, and be sure to contact Chassis Liner Supply when you’re ready to get started!

Improve Productivity

If you’ve noticed that your weld jobs aren’t being completed as quickly as you’d like, now may be the ideal time to consider investing in new equipment. Many shops notice a slowdown in returns for their welders, and often run a test to measure if their welding tools are to blame. There are many causes behind this slowdown (i.e. poor conductivity, improper prep), which is why it is important to compare the results of your welders to past jobs. If the time clocked is increasing, now is the time to shop with us!

Materials required for welding can be subject to volatile price changes, making productivity concerns a top priority for many shops hoping to reduce their overhead. An additional benefit is the ability to complete more work in the time given, boosting your bottom line and increasing customer satisfaction with fast results.

Expand Your Shop’s Capabilities

If you’re relying on a stick welder to complete all of your tasks, then you may know how limiting this technology can be. Most stick welders have a tendency to burn through thinner materials, and may create problems for smaller jobs. While this equipment has a range of benefits, when it comes to professional welds in a controlled environment, it may prove cost-effective to find welding equipment with the technology to provide more for your customers.

A new welder can expand your capabilities and offer more for your client base, potentially increasing work and profitability as a result. Modern consumers are looking for a catch-all provider of services, and will likely opt for a business which provides more diverse results.

Advanced Features

Welders who elect to replace equipment from 30 years ago are often surprised by the improvements. Modern electronics and cost-effective technology can make it easier to strike an arc, maintain high power, and more.

Our Chief welders are ideal in the automotive industry, where more customers and their insurance companies come to rely on the precision of computerized measuring throughout the repair process. Chassis Liner Supply can set you up with a welder that features advanced technology that is easy to learn and operate. This feature can give your body shop a serious leg up on the competition!

Enhance Weld Quality

Improved consistency and productivity can allow your team to create more effective welds, which may prove to be worth the investment alone. As the sole connection between vital components, welding delivers critical support to frames and other parts of the vehicle. Whether you’re repairing a small sedan or a heavy-duty water truck, the quality behind your work is what will build your business’ reputation. Here at Chassis Liner Supply, we’re dedicated to quality, relying on precise manufacturing processes to ensure the best results for our customers. We don’t want to pass any shoddy work onto you! Learn more about us and our commitment to quality, and feel confident that our team is willing to help you generate the best results!

Reduce Loss

Based on the type of welding equipment you’re currently using, you can expect serious reductions in material loss. Making the change from stick welding to the use of a wire, for example, eliminates the need for excess scrap per weld. More effective and more consistent arcs can also help to cut down on mistakes, reducing your loss in addition to creating better quality and faster turnaround times.

We’re Here to Help You Succeed

The goal here at Chassis Liner Supply is to improve your business, relying on our industry expertise and top-notch body shop equipment to help you find the right welders and supplies to get the job done right. Our team specializes in bodywork tools, and we provide honest customer support, not a gimmicky sales pitch.

If you’re looking for a new welder to complement your existing body shop equipment, be sure to browse our collection of Chief welding machines. We’re confident that we can find the right setup for your needs. Shop online, and be sure to contact us for complete assistance!