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How to Choose the Right Frame Rack

Whether you are getting ready to open a new frame repair shop or your body shop is looking for ways to increase business, finding a new frame rack that can help you work more efficiently is paramount. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of ways to find out which frame rack is going to be perfect for your shop. Luckily, there is a solution: Chassis Liner Supply. At Chassis Liner Supply, we have been building some of the toughest, most reliable frame racks in the industry for many years. If you work on passenger cars or you need to pull the frames of the largest semi-trucks, we have several options that are perfect for your shop. Read on to learn about how to pick a frame puller for your shop and then check out our online store and place an order for your new frame rack today!

Frame Rack Size is Important

The work you do will be the most important factor in the frame rack you buy. We have models that are designed to handle the largest trucks by delivering the most intense pulls and models that are built to handle the more moderate pulls needed for small cars and trucks. If you aren’t sure which rack is right for you, please get in touch with our customer service department. We will be able to help you make the right choice.

Shop Size is Important, Too

The size of your shop is almost as important of a factor in deciding on a frame rack as what kind of vehicles you will be working on. If you already run a shop that has a frame rack, you know how much space they can take up, especially if you have a model that has a deck. In order to add a second (or third) frame puller, you need to be sure that you have the space. If you are going to buy another large model that will allow you to work on large, commercial vehicles or you want a rack that will be perfect for passenger vehicles, you’ll need ample space. Make sure that you check your available space to ensure that you’ll have room to install and run any new frame rack that you buy.

At Chassis Liner Supply, we make frame racks that run from smaller machines to large ones, as well as frame puller posts instead of entire deck systems. Browse our online catalog now to find the frame rack and other frame repair equipment and tools that your shop requires.

Chassis Liner Supply has the auto body repair tools and equipment that your shop needs in order to stay running. If you have been trying to find ways to improve productivity, we have plenty of equipment that will allow you to work at peak efficiency. No matter what you are looking for, chances are great that we have an option that will work for your shop and work for your bottom line. Find a new frame puller, automotive spray booth, prep station, and many other tools today.