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Make the Most of Your Automotive Spray Booth With Our Top 6 Maintenance Tips

For many auto body repair shops, automotive paint is an essential part of the restoration process. No matter the cause, replacement paint can cover your repairs and improve the vehicle’s appearance to a like-new state. Automotive spray booths provide the best balance of power and reliability for repair shops across the country, yet many specialists fail to realize the true value of keeping their investment clean and tidy.

Chassis Liner Supply offers the best automotive paint booths for sale, reducing your downtime and improving your capabilities in an effective and affordable manner. If you’ve just invested in a new spray booth, or you’re considering purchasing one in the near future, keep reading for a few of our maintenance tips to make the most of your upgrade!

1 - Minimize Overspraying When Possible

Overspray is a normal part of life for professional painters. As paint begins to build up along the walls, floor, equipment, and ceiling, it can cause problems. You may not be able to fine-tune your application process to reduce overspray, but you can take steps to prevent problems associated with paint buildup. Protective coatings are available to deliver an extra level of protection, providing seamless surfaces for easy cleaning and effective maintenance.

Not overspraying in the paint booth can be near-impossible, so be sure to clean up your booth’s interior regularly to avoid any issues. No matter the quality of your spray booth, continual upkeep is essential to ensure product longevity and maximize the results.

2 - Maintain Your Air Unit

The airflow of your paint booth can help to minimize overspray and create a clean, healthy environment for your employees. It’s critical to control the flow of air to maintain the right balance for your shop, and you will need to undertake some regular maintenance in order to do so.

Don’t forget to check and replace your filters on a regular basis! If you anticipate a high volume of work, you may want to check your exhaust filter every couple of weeks. This device captures all of the debris and paint residue inside your spray booth. Check the filters for both your exhaust and intake fans often for the best results.

3 - Focus on the Fans

In order to relieve the imbalance of pressure in accordance with your air makeup unit (AMU), you will need an exhaust fan. This in-out process provides stability in your paint booth, preventing any airflow issues which can put the cleanliness of your work area at risk of contamination. We recommend spending some time up front to ensure your airflow system is up to speed; it may save you big later on!

4 - Keep Contaminants Out

Focus on sealing your paint booth to keep grime, dirt, grease, and other contaminants away. This can help to balance the spray booth’s air flow while also cutting down on small intrusions with the potential to ruin your hard work. It also helps to keep your booth clutter-free, as extra stuff can increase the odds of contamination. By focusing on a clean, clear space, you can increase the longevity and effectiveness of your paint booth!

5 - Prevent Paint Buildups

If your team is in the habit of cleaning all of your brushes, hoses, and sprayers on a daily basis, you’ll likely see quality returns in the future. Professionals who let paint and moisture build up within their equipment, on the other hand, are more likely to see problems down the road.

Check the moisture content in your work area. Excess moisture can spell trouble for any paint booth, so be sure you are vigilant in maintaining a clean, dry space!

6 - Rely on Quality Paint Booths and Supplies

Ultimately, the quality of your spray booth will play a major part in how clean and effective your painting services are. Chassis Liner Supply is proud to offer the best automotive spray booths and accessories in the industry, to ensure our customers receive the very best for their shop.

If you’re looking for small paint booths, large workstations, or anything else, let us know, and we’ll be sure to find the right solution for you! A few of our top products include:

  • Paint booths — Deliver top-notch finishes for customers while keeping your shop clean with an automotive spray booth from Chassis Liner Supply. Our paint booths feature quality construction, shadow-free lighting, proper airflow, and more to ensure your body shop meets all regulations in a comprehensive, cost-effective manner.
  • Workstations — Our paint workstations provides the best control over contamination when sanding or priming in your shop. This flexible investment allows you to take on a variety of restorative services without impacting the rest of your floor space. We can customize our workstations to fit your needs, so be sure to contact us if you need assistance!
  • Prep stations — Simple, tough, and built to excel, our paint prep stations offer all of the support you need for a quality finish. Rely on paper rollers, paint trays, and more for convenient access to all of the tools you need to get the job done.
  • Curing systems — Accelerate your curing time to increase your body shop’s speed and turnaround times. Handheld and stationary paint curing systems rely on infrared technology to cure your paint from the inside out.

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