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Rely On Chassis Liner To Provide The Right Tire Machines For Your Shop!

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Your shop strives to provide the best services to your customers in an effective, safe format. The ability to work on a variety of vehicles with specialty components is very valuable, and can help to grow your business. Chassis Liner Supply is here to serve as your resource for top-notch body equipment including welding supplies, frame racks, paint booths, measuring systems, and more. Since 1982, we’ve worked to provide the best automotive repair equipment possible, and we’re confident that we can outfit your shop with industry-leading tire machines.

In order to provide the best service possible to your customers, you’ll need to find the right body shop equipment for the job. Today, we’ll expand this discussion to include advice on how to find the best tire changers and wheel balancers available, as well as tips on how to acquire the right fit for your needs and budget. If you’re ready to shop online for quality solutions, then be sure to browse our store today!

Finding Quality Tire Changers

Tire changers are a must-have for many shops. No matter your services or collection of body shop equipment, many drivers require wheel services, which can often include high-performance tires and specialty needs. The right tools can boost your shop’s capabilities and turnaround times, both of which can boost your bottom line!

Arm Press Capabilities

The more difficult the tire is to remove from the rim, the more force you will need to apply to get the job done. It’s important to ensure that your new tire machine has the ability to quickly and effectively service customer vehicles, including a press arm. Power assist arms help professionals to take on stiff, flat, and low-profile tires. Chassis Liner Supply offers tire changing tools to make life easier, including our machines which include power arms. Rely on simple, lever-operated tools to effortlessly get the job done. Hands-free assist arms give one employee the full capability to get the job done.

Complete Wheel Protection

These days, it is essential to take steps to keep your customers’ wheels safe from damage. Your shop may encounter vehicles with high-performance wheels on a daily basis, making it a cost-effective decision to invest in a tire changer with the right level of protection. Our tire machines come with protective inserts to cover your turntable jaws, defending from damage at every point of contact. An included arm press will also help to keep high-value tires and rims safe from harm, allowing you to take on more specialized work.

Powerful Turntables 

The more torque that your tire machine can deliver, the better off your team will be with challenging jobs. You can improve your shop’s capabilities with a strong turntable, featuring powerful results on a 110-volt circuit. Your technicians can deliver the exact amount of torque needed to provide the right support without compromising user or product safety. Shops tasked with frequent tire changes will be better able to take on the work if their tire changer is strong enough for the job!

Exclusive Bead Blaster Technology

Chassis Liner Supply offers tire changers from Atlas, which features their revolutionary Bead Blaster design. This technology allows the tire changing machine to seat the beads on some of the most stubborn sidewall tires. Blasting a high volume of air into the cavity of the tire will force the sidewalls to press against the tire in order to hold air. This bead blaster will allow you to deliver more air at a higher volume for a long timespan. With one pedal, your operator can make quick work of stubborn tires!

Proper Tire Clearances

Based on your shop’s needs, a one-size-fits-all option will likely not be practical. It’s essential to check and see what kind of clearance your tire changer will require. Many models service standard rim sizes between 20 and 22 inches, while speciality applications can accept rims as large as 28 inches. A quality tire machine will provide tools to do more with less, and should have the option of adding accessories to better meet your professional needs.

What About Wheel Balancers?

Precision and reliability are essential when it comes to investing in a quality wheel balancer. Our direct-axis drive systems provide complete accuracy each and every time, ensuring that you eliminate any issues with balance or vibration. Our tire balancing machines feature the best automation to enhance your shop’s capabilities, including automatic data entry, automatic weight application positioning, automated hood star, and more. You can keep your customers rolling with versatile wheel balancers that are self-calibrating and accurate down to one gram. Domestic vehicles, foreign models, and performance builds — your shop can take on more jobs and deliver smooth results for everyone.

Don’t Forget Your Tire Service Accessories!

The right accessories can improve your wheel services and ensure that your shop benefits from faster turnarounds, cost-effective services, and safer results. Chassis Liner Supply offers ideal tire shop equipment, including versatile accessories such as:

  • Truck cone adaptors — Wheels with larger center holes will require an adaptor to ensure a quality fit. This is an ideal add-on if you plan on working with ¾ and one-ton pickups.
  • Motorcycle adaptors — Invest in this adaptor to accurately balance motorcycle wheels. This kit includes the sleeves and cones needed to create a smooth ride.
  • Motorcycle clamps — Need to work on motorcycles with your tire changer? This cost-effective package includes four jaws to enable the conversion to changing motorcycle and ATV tires.
  • Vehicle lifts — Looking for a quick, effective way to lift vehicles for wheel work? Our Mid-Rise Lift features fast, effective results on a simple platform rated to hold 6,000 pounds. This equipment is portable, easy to move, and offers 13 locking positions for maximum customization.

Enhance Your Shop With Chassis Liner Supply

Ready to find the right tire machine for your shop? Chassis Liner Supply is here to serve as your online source for tire balancing machines, mounting machines, and accessories. We purchase at high volumes to help lower costs for our customers, delivering the best prices to match our top-notch brands.

Do you need assistance in finding the right tire shop equipment for your business? Contact us online to get started. We look forward to working with you!