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Safety Tips to Optimize Your Body Shop's Success

When you’re working with cars, there’s quite a bit that can go wrong. They’re big machines with lots of moving parts, and while that serves to make them graceful and incredible human creations, they’re also very dangerous. Working on cars can be a somewhat stressful job if you’re doing it in the wrong environment. But when you equip yourself and your technicians with the things they need to feel comfortable, you’ll greatly improve productivity and provide you and the whole shop a valuable sense of peace of mind while you work. 

Indeed, proper safety precautions and measures must be taken by law. Additionally, safety measures don’t just improve productivity by making everyone in the shop feel safer, they also protect you from liability if they get hurt. If you’re unsure where to start making your shop safer and more productive, we’ll explain more below. At Chassis Liner Supply, we’re here to alleviate those concerns and make it easier to keep your employees safe with upgraded body shop equipment.

What You May Not Know

While safety standards are readily increasing over the years, body shop work is still one of the most dangerous vocations. While OSHA does its best to ensure the safety of all body workers, it can still be a daunting and concerning set of tasks, and there are some things that simply can’t be protected against very well. With issues like repetitive stress on your muscles and your body, as well as high-volume noise, oil and grease all over walking surfaces, and potential cuts from working with machines, it can seem like a far more hazardous place than you first thought. Additionally, that’s not even including all of the chemicals that body shop technicians are exposed to, like volatile organic compounds, fillers, solvents, and car paint. They’re are all less than easy on the lungs. And since those pose a large risk to their long-term health, that is perhaps the first issue to address when assessing your own shop’s safety measures. 

Painting Safety Measures For Your Body Shop

As you know, your techs have to routinely handle a variety of chemicals that are constructed to make it harder for the weather to get to the metal of a car. They’re serious chemicals that are meant to create a layer between the car’s frame and the elements, so it’s no surprise that these same chemicals can wreak havoc on the body. Your technicians are regularly working with solvents, paints, polishes, primers and more while re-crafting a car’s exterior once the welding portion of the body shop process is done. For this to be done properly and protect the technician performing the work as well as those in the shop while the work is being done, you’ll need to invest in a special paint booth to stay up to OSHA’s standards. Your technicians will also need to protect their eyes and skin from these chemicals with high-quality protective wear. They’ll need oxygen-supplied respirators too, so they won’t be breathing in pure chemicals while in the painting booth. 

Luckily, Chassis Liner Supply has a variety of painting booths and gear to help you keep yourself and your technicians safe while working in with your body shop equipment. Browse our selection to find out more. 

Chassis Liner Supply Can Help You Keep Your Body Shop Stay Safer

Here at Chassis Liner Supply, we’re passionate about helping you keep you and your employees safe. No one wants to feel precariously perched at work, and we do all we can to help alleviate any safety precautions in your shop that you’re worried about. We offer a wide selection of body shop equipment that is designed to make your life easier, as well as safer. From safety to productivity, we take pride in being able to help you hone your production schedule and keep your technicians moving so you can do more projects more effectively and efficiently. 

You can find everything from more efficient racks to better painting booths and beyond. All of our products offered are designed to make your body shop equipment safer to use and more productive, while making your body shop as a whole easier to keep safe. 

Curious about what other products that could make your shop safer and more productive? Reach out to us today to find out more about the different types of products we offer, or join us next time to find out more about how to keep your body shop safe.