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The Top Considerations When Purchasing a Frame Rack for Your Auto Body Shop

Your body shop relies on the best equipment to deliver ideal results for your customers. You have a full range of body repair tools, including steps, prep stations, creepers, cradles, and more, but what about the frame racks? This particular tool is an essential part of any auto body shop’s arsenal, helping to stretch and restore vehicle frames in a precise manner without causing further damage.

Chassis Liner Supply is here to serve as your comprehensive source for the best body shop equipment in the industry, including our frame rack. Whether you call it a frame straightener, frame puller, or a chassis machine, the benefits of investing in this valuable piece of equipment can vastly improve your repair shop’s capabilities, restoring vehicle frames to their original beauty. The ability to do so takes skill and training, but making the investment may provide a major boost to your business.

Before you go online and outright purchase one of our professional frame racks, it may help to measure all of the considerations involved in such a major purchase. Keep reading for a few considerations to get you thinking about the right frame rack for the job, and be sure to contact us if you need assistance!

Dimensional Demands

Your ability to straighten vehicle frames will depend largely on your frame rack, and the capabilities of your frame rack may depend on how much room you have available. Chassis Liner Supply offers several styles of frame racks to meet every professional need, including tower frame racks ranging in size from 18 feet to 40 feet. These dimensions are important to consider before buying new body shop equipment, as different truck sizes, bed heights, and other considerations will all play a role in your shop. Don’t forget about your height restrictions, as frame lifts come in different sizes!

Pulling Capabilities

In order to straighten a vehicle’s frame, you will be required to pull evenly in differing directions to prevent further damages. Failure to put pressure at multiple points while stretching can lead to ripping, bending, rolling, or tearing. You can invest in a frame rack with one tower for simple fixes, or multiple towers to increase your frame repair capabilities. 

Chassis Liner Supply offers several styles to meet every need, and we also sell additional tower kits to help you personalize your chassis machine. Our towers and pulling hooks deliver 10 tons of strength relying on a hydraulic pump. This equipment may prove to be a smart investment for increasing the number of holding and positioning capabilities of your frame rack.

Frame Style

The type of frame rack you invest in will determine your body shop’s capabilities. Are you planning on repairing personal vehicles or large commercial trucks? Chassis Liner Supply offers frame racks for all types of vehicles, from small sedans to heavy-duty trucks and more. We can help you find the right fit for your business, improving your auto shop’s capabilities to save customers money and boost your bottom line.

Before you decide which frame rack to invest in, it can help to understand the two styles of frames in use today:

  • Unibody — As the name suggests, this style integrates the frame into the body of the vehicle to make it one cohesive piece. This improves handling, comfort, and fuel efficiency. In a crash, unibody frames are safer because the energy of the impact is absorbed across the entire structure.
  • Body on frame —  Typically reserved for more heavy-duty vehicles, this style involves installing the body on top of the frame itself. This delivers more strength resistance to twisting, but costs and weighs more.

Precision Matters

From simple pulls to complex repairs, it’s important to ensure you have the right equipment for the job. It pays to invest in the right body shop equipment, and when it comes to addressing your needs, Chassis Liner Supply offers a range of products to promote precision repairs.

We have frame pullers to take on the strongest frames on the market, but our team can also outfit your shop with smaller equipment. Worried about the room in your facility? Speak to us about our floor systems, which provide all of the capabilities without taking up space. Even without a deck, you can still expect quality pulls and professional finishes!

Why Buy Our Frame Racks?

If you look online, you’re likely to find a number of companies offering frame racks for welding, automotive repair, and more. Chassis Liner Supply makes all of our frame tower racks in-house, meaning we are directly invested in your success. If you have any questions or concerns over your body shop equipment, our team is here to offer complete assistance to get the job done right.

In addition our top-notch customer support, your shop can rely on our frame racks to:

  • Save time — Simple and effective, this body repair tool can generate quality results without the time commitment. This frees your shop up to focus on bringing in additional work.
  • Save money — Faster turnarounds can help you to save money, especially if you are charging at a set rate. A frame rack can boost your shop’s capabilities.
  • Improve quality — Chassis Liner Supply relies on the best materials and high-quality designs to provide reliable body shop equipment to professionals across the country. The structure of our frame rack equipment helps to generate better results for you and your customers.

Ready to boost your repair shop’s capabilities? Browse through our expansive inventory of body shop equipment, and be sure to contact us to speak with one of our professional team members. We look forward to helping you!