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The Value of Computerized Measurements in Body Shop Repairs

We live in the future, and with the help of all of the upcoming innovations that make everyone’s day-to-day life better, that statement becomes truer every day. The newest innovation that we’re excited about is the computerized measurement machines currently on the market. With the help of some of these advanced systems, a tech can scan, analyze and report on the body structure of any vehicle before you get to work. However, as with any technology, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of the purchase to get a sense of how far your money will be going when you invest it in said technology. So, what is the real value of computerized measurement mapping systems? 

Let’s check it out.

Save Time

Re-building a car’s body after a serious collision is no small task and requires a remarkable amount of skill to complete the project and do it well. Many technicians, at this point, are probably used to having to test fit sheet metal on the structure of the vehicle before they start welding. After all, if they’re off, re-welding and prying fresh pieces of sheet metal off of the vehicle can become an enormous project and make the repair of the car body longer and more time-intensive. 

However, it takes loads of time to test metal pieces before applying them to the body of the car. The technician isn’t just cutting a fresh piece, eyeing the spot where they’re intending to place it and get started. They'll need to spend quite a bit of time clamping down and screwing in the piece to be sure that it lines up correctly and they’re not welding something in that they’ll need to take off and adjust. Making this process accurate on a preserved body of a car is difficult, let alone considering this process on a car that’s nearly been smashed into oblivion. However, an accurate computerized measuring system could cut down on all of that time. 

For example, the CHIEF Laserlock Mapping System utilized a 45-point target analysis that locks onto the structure of the car and makes it easier to visualize applying pieces and stay accurate with every restoration step. It can save loads of time, and therefore money, for the less time spent on a single project, the more time there is to move on and finish another one within the same time frame you predicted for a single task. 

Everyone’s On-Board

It’s not just a few shops who are taking advantage of this technology. In fact, the popularity of this method has grown in the last couple of years, and nearly 50 percent of car body shops in the US use at least some sort of computerized measurement system to make their jobs easier. This is because more and more body shops are beginning to realize that, like a body that’s suffered interior hemorrhaging but looks fine on the outside, manual measurements can sometimes be deceiving. Computer measurements, almost like an X-ray give you a better understanding of where the damage is and how much of it there is, even if you can’t see it in the frame of the body. Like most systems that rely on the clear analysis of a computer that’s not muddled by any preconceived notions, computer measurements are often far more accurate at assessing damage and therefore make it easier to repair a vehicle more completely, rather than working on guesswork. 

Additionally, a good computer measurement system will allow the technicians to document the vehicle’s measurements for before and after analysis. This creates a value add for your customers, as they’ll literally be able to see the difference made in the structural integrity of their vehicle. 

Why They’re Infallible 

Most of these systems use a laser that’s placed underneath the vehicle and rotates to gather information about the structure. It analyzes a series of targets by identifying certain points on the car’s body and act as major joints and holds in the structure of the car. These points are measured based on their size and length and are compared to the three plane system used to successfully measure vehicles. 

The three planes are simply the main metrics used to measure a vehicle, you’d know them as the height from the datum plane, width from the centerline, and length of the vehicle itself. Based on these points the laser marks, it creates a model where it can then analyze what is no longer parallel and therefore secure. Many of these machines come equipped with various accessories that can limit the amount of time it takes to analyze the damage of a car, write out estimates and complete the work. 

For example, some are equipped with scanners that can eliminate manual data entry of certain factors the program needs in order to make an accurate analysis of the structural integrity of the vehicle. Small added conveniences like this help limit the opportunity for human error on the initial quote, and therefore error throughout the repair process.

Invest In A High-Quality Computer Measurement System From Chassis Liner Supply

There’s no doubt that computer measurement systems are an invaluable tool that can help your shop run faster and better. But not all computer measurement systems are created equally. Ensure that you’re getting the best piece of equipment for your money by trusting Chassis Liner Supply. Our products are always of the highest quality and provide unmatched performance for our clients.

Because we’re passionate about selling you the right product to make your business flourish, we’re always willing to help you find the right model for your specific needs. Reach out to us today if you have any questions about our products, or need help finding the right one for you.