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Tips for Buying New Body Shop Equipment

Trying to find the best possible equipment for any business is difficult, and it is even harder when you are searching for machinery that is as large, heavy, and complicated as body shop equipment. If you are expanding your current shop or you are opening a new body or paint shop, there is one name that you can always rely on: Chassis Liner Supply.

For nearly 40 years, we have designed and built some of the best automotive spray booths, frame straighteners, tire changers and balancers, and many other pieces of equipment that will keep your shop running smoothly. When you buy from us, you aren’t paying the marked-up prices of a middleman or distributor, because we are selling to you directly from the factory. Keep reading for a few tips on finding the right body shop equipment, and a few reasons why Chassis Liner Supply is the right choice.

Trust A Company With Experience

One of the best ways to determine whether or not a company is selling great equipment for a body shop, paint shop, or tire store, is to see how long the company has been in business. A name that has persisted for decades is a good sign that they are providing equipment that does what it is supposed to and lasts long enough for people to trust it.

Chassis Liner Supply has provided shops across the country with reliable equipment for many years. Chances are decent that you have used something we have made at a shop you worked at in the past. By continuing to improve our designs and our building processes, we are are able to deliver better equipment to you at better prices.

Save With Factory-Direct Prices

While there are not a lot of places to buy body shop equipment like frame racks or tire changers and balancers, it is surprising just how many middlemen there are. Instead of paying inflated prices that pad an intermediary’s pockets, you can buy directly from a manufacturer.

Buying directly from Chassis Liner Supply means lower prices and a direct line to the people who best understand this machinery, which is extremely helpful if you are unfamiliar with the operation of a specific piece of equipment or in the rare event of a problem. It is nice to know that you won’t have to go through a gatekeeper in order to speak to someone who can help you.

Check out our online store today to see the equipment that we build. If you have questions or you would like to order from one of our customer service experts, contact us. We are happy to go over any features you want to learn more about, and if you are ordering equipment with customizable options, we want to ensure that your shop receives exactly what it needs.

No one is as dedicated to providing busy, hard-working collision repair, auto paint, and frame repair shops with equipment that will keep their shops running efficiently and cost-effectively. Contact us today to learn more.