Body Shop Equipment: What Can Chassis Liner Supply Do For You?

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What Can Chassis Liner Supply Do For You? Highlighting Our Body Shop Equipment

If you own your own body shop or repair shop for cars, trucks, and SUVs, it pays to rely on the right body shop equipment for the job. In the hands of trained professionals, this equipment can generate better results and faster repairs, enhancing your bottom line while improving productivity.

For more than 35 years, Chassis Liner Supply has served as your premier source for body shop equipment and accessories. Our team relies on innovative designs and high-quality materials to deliver premium results to businesses of all sizes. We want to help you succeed, and offer top-notch supplies to get you there!

Keep reading to learn about the equipment that we offer, and be sure to browse our online store when you’re ready to get started!

Durable, Versatile Frame Racks

Frame pullers are an essential part of any repair shop’s services. Even badly damaged vehicles can benefit from the versatile services of modern frame racks, delivering ideal results for customers who are facing the reality that a new vehicle may be their only choice. Chassis Liner Supply relies on quality materials and diverse designs to address a range of vehicle needs in the most durable and effective manner possible. A new frame rack can expand your services and save time on a range of vehicle repairs. From single-car owners to commercial fleets, the right frame rack equipment can make all the difference!

Safe, Efficient Tire Shop Equipment

Repair shops and tire specialists focus on safety and efficiency to provide quality outcomes for customers while relying on proven techniques to maximize peace of mind. If you’re missing out on quality tire shop equipment, then your business may be losing money! New tire changers and balancers provide a range of benefits for shops of all sizes, especially when they are backed by complete customer support and industry-leading product knowledge.

Chassis Liner Supply offers a range of lifts and wheel service products, delivering the right support to meet a range of jobs. Supplying both Atlas® tire changers and our own wheel balancers, you’ll find the right wheel equipment for your shop.

Clean, Professional Spray Booths

Make your work more efficient while delivering cleaner, sharper outcomes with our paint booths, prep stations, workstations, and mobile maskers. Chassis Liner Supply is here to provide complete satisfaction with our automotive spray booths!

Our spray booth supplies and equipment are here to match every scope of work. From minor touch-ups to complete workstation projects, you can minimize contamination, streamline your prep process, and maximize productivity with the right gear. Learn more about our automotive spray booths before shopping today!

Modern Welding Supplies

Your shop may depend on a range of welders to complete your services, including MIG welders, MAG welders, plasma cutters, and more. Chassis Liner Supply offers a range of welders and supplies, and we’re confident that we can custom-build a Chief welder to meet all of your professional needs.

Is now the time to invest in new welding equipment? These components feature a range of benefits for shops of all sizes:

  • Create quality welds — If you’ve noticed that your welds aren’t quite as nice as they used to be, now may be the time for an upgrade. Older equipment can begin to create uneven or even sloppy results, from which your quality of work will be judged.
  • Complete jobs faster — One sure sign it is time for replacement comes from the time taken to complete your welding operations. You may have noticed a dip in productivity, and if all other variables are eliminated, then your welding equipment is likely to blame.
  • Modern features — Outdated welding equipment may be reliable, but eventually, your shop will need to make the investment in a new purchase. New welding supplies deliver a range of improvements that make up for the upfront costs of buying top-notch equipment.
  • Take up less space — One benefit many shops are happy to work with comes in the form of efficiency, both in output and overall space occupied. Now may be the time to oust your bulky equipment for a compact version, which offers a range of benefits.

Comprehensive Body Shop Equipment

From Mo clamps to auto body rotisseries, your body shop may rely on a vast range of equipment to restore vehicles back to perfect condition. No matter your needs, Chassis Liner Supply can help, providing a wide range of body shop equipment:

  • Car dollies — Move dead cars around with ease with these dolly assemblies. Rated up to 1,500 or 2,000 pounds per dolly, your shop can benefit from convenience and affordability.
  • Chains and hooks — Secure your work with a variety of chains, hooks, boards, and adapter plates. We offer a complete range of body shop tools to get the job done in a safe manner!
  • Clamps — We got clamps! Browse our inventory for curved clamps, G-clamps, tongs, sandwich clamps, C-clamps, and more.
  • Creepers — Adjustable creepers provide a convenient way to access tight spaces with low clearance. Find the right fit for your shop with Chassis Liner Supply!
  • Engine hoists and stands — Engine work can prove to be a logistical challenge. Improve your shop’s capabilities with quality engine stands, hoists, and support bars.
  • Replacement parts — Need a seal kit for your United Hydraulic Ram? Chassis Liner Supply stocks replacement parts for 10-, 15-, and 25-ton cylinders.

Browse Our Online Store

No matter your professional needs, our team is here to provide the right body shop tools and equipment at the right price. Browse our site to find what you need, and be sure to shop our collection for frame racks, body repair equipment, and more. Have questions about our products? Contact us online for complete assistance!