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Why Your Shop Needs a Tire Changing Machine

If most of your work revolves around frame repair, body work, or auto repair, you may not have considered adding tire shop equipment. No matter what kind of auto work that you do, a tire changer and balancer is a great piece of equipment to have on hand. Check out two great reasons to order a tire changer and balancer below, and then find your new equipment at Chassis Liner Supply!

At Chassis Liner Supply, you will find almost everything you need to keep your body shop running efficiently and safely. From state-of-the-art frame racks that can handle everything from passenger vehicles to large semis, to automotive spray booths, welders, and other body shop equipment, no one has a larger selection of tools and machinery at better prices. Browse our online shop and place an order with us today.

You Won’t Need to Farm Out Work

If you don’t have a tire changer and a job comes in that requires you to replace the wheels and/or the tires on a vehicle, you have to pay someone else to do the work. In addition to being a time-consuming process, it also costs you money and can put you behind schedule if the place you send tires and wheels to is backed up.

When you have your own tire changer and balancer, you won’t have to worry about if or when another shop can get to your customer’s wheels, you can take care of it yourself. When your time is at a premium, there is nothing worse than being forced to be on someone else’s schedule.

Your Shop Can Make More Money

With just a little training and some practice, any of your technicians can quickly become experts at changing and balancing tires and wheels. This service is extremely helpful for your clients, it allows you to make more money, it keeps your customers coming back, and it lets you better control scheduling in your shop. One of those reasons should be enough for you to consider making the investment, but with all four of them, you only need to decide on where your new tire shop equipment should go!

We understand that space and money are usually at a premium, but many shops have created a new, and fully sustainable, stream of revenue by bringing in tire changers and balancers. Check out the prices for our tire shop equipment and think about these new machines as a great way of investing in your business.

Browse our selection of body shop equipment today and find your new tire changer and balancers at Chassis Liner Supply. If you have questions, please reach out to our customer service department. They are always happy to answer questions, help you with an order, or give you information about anything that we have for sale.

No one has a larger selection of well-made body shop equipment for lower prices, so find the machinery and tools that can help your shop be more efficient and place your order with us today.