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Medium Duty Trucker 28ft, 4 Tower Machine

Medium Duty Trucker 28ft, 4 Tower Machine

Part #: 05-871030

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The rock solid 28-ft bed design has anchoring slots surrounding the perimeter for unilimited anchoring options. The bed is plumbed with air to plug all your air tools into a total of (16) locations. No more air hoses to trip over. The bed has a dual 15-Ton scissor lift to tilt the bed for easy loading of vehicles. Features:
  • Bed plumbed with air.
  • 102" Wide Bed.
  • 34" Non-Skid Treadways.
  • 20" Working Height.
  • Exclusive! 1/2" laser cut top plate.
  • Multiple chain slots for tie downs.
  • Totally enclosed treadways for additional strength.
  • Hinge-a-matic™ non-skid ramps for safe loading and unloading.
  • Wheel-less towers roll around the machine effortlessly.
  • 15-Ton pulling towers.
Exclusive Dual 10-Ton Pulling Tower, make (2) 10-Ton pulls or (1) 20-Ton pull with the same tower. Exclussive channel tower upright (96" tower height). Exclussive multiple pulling capabilities up to 2-PULLS per tower!