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Quick Spin B-200 Wheel Balancer

Quick Spin B-200 Wheel Balancer

Part #: 05-321095

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Quick Spin B-200 Wheel Balancer The B-200 will handle rims up to 24" and widths up to 20" weighing 155 lbs. Large truck tires are no problem with the tappered 3-Cone set (included) to handle 1.75" to 6.1875" center holes. The B-200 is manufactured in China by Bright Technology Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in wheel service equipment since 1988 and is recognized internationally for their reliable products sold throughout Europe, Asia and the USA. We are providing their best valued products at the lowest possible price. Features:
  • 1 - Year Limited Warranty
  • Auto Activated Hood Start/Stop
  • Self Calibrating
  • Accurate to 1 gram
  • 8" Long 36mm Shaft
  • 5-Balancing modes
  • CE Certified
  • Manufacured in an ISO9001 certified factory